After 20 years of dedicated service in the United States Air Force, I wanted to take the values of Integrity, Service, and Excellence instilled in me to the Property Management industry.  Maryland is home to me since I have family here, own two homes, and the close ties with the heavy military population.


Embody the core values of Integrity, Service, and Excellence in the property management industry to support the community and families in the Fort Meade area.
I was born in Hawaii and joined the military at the age of 18. I have been stationed in Texas, California, Maryland, Hawaii and deployed to Afghanistan. With my wife, who is also retired after 20-years of service, and four children we have always known we would settle in Maryland. Our oldest daughter, Destiny, has recently joined the Air Force and now is stationed in Maryland with her husband.


Over the next 10-15 years, I want to grow CVPM into a company recognized for Integrity, Service, and Excellence.

  • I want owners to know that CVPM will treat their property with the same care and respect we would our own.

  • I want tenants to know that when they rent from us, we are going to ensure they find a home that fits their needs.

  • I want applicants to know that CVPM is going to do it’s best to find them a place to live, and to have no fear of discrimination.

  • I want service partners to know that CVPM only partners with companies who share our values. If we are recommending a company, it’s because we know they always provide honest, reliable, and fair-priced products & services.


Build a community by assisting landlords discover value in real estate, and providing tenants with a place to call home.

Many within the military community have needed the assistance of Property management due to purchasing a home and receiving orders to move to another location.  With our first home in Maryland, that was the case for my family.  After interviewing many property managers we could not find one that we felt would treat our property as their own.  We were either a number to them or just a paycheck.  Fees were always hidden, communication was lacking, and we did not feel we could trust someone with our property.

I started conducting Property Management while still serving my last year in the military and quickly acquired over fifteen properties before retirement. It has been a great pleasure to work with Owners and Tenants; taking care of each property as it were my own. I have been able to stay involved and assist inbound and outbound service members as well, keeping me connected to the military community.

I started managing my own home and have successfully rented the property since 2015. 

Many military and non-military have asked for assistance during my time in the military and I was always happy to provide it. 

Knowing I was ready for the next stage in my life, I was naturally drawn to Property Management and the need to help others. 

Having a heavy background in communication and project management has set me up for success in this industry.